Glazing in Residential High Rise Buildings – UBC Collaboration Report

E3’s recent Binning Tower project with IBI Architects and Wall Financial at UBC is targeting Gold under REAP, UBC’s green building rating system. The project team selected to seek an ID credit to work with UBC students in a collaborative study to further research in residential development, allowing E3 the opportunity to work with students Ashkan Babaie and Mahsa Akbarnejad.

Glazing in residential construction is a common struggle– while increased glazing is usually desired by homeowners, it also results in decreased energy efficiency. Ashkan and Mahsa’s report looks further into glazing size and type and proposes some solutions to balance the aesthetic demands with functionality. With the assistance of the architect and the development’s marketing team, the students put together a great report on optimizing glazing in residential high rise buildings — definitely a characteristic issue of Lower Mainland construction.

The report can be found in UBC’s SEEDS library through the following link:

Thank you to both Ashkan and Mahsa for allowing us to share their great work, and thank you to UBC and the efforts of the project team for their collaboration in putting this together!