E3 Eco Group Inc. was incorporated in September 2007, by Einar Halbig and Troy Glasner. Prior to starting E3, Einar and Troy both owned their own consulting companies, specializing in residential energy efficiency and construction.

As far back as the 1990s, Troy’s experience began with designing and supervising the construction of his own personal high performance, passive solar heated home.

Einar and Troy both were among the first few Energy Advisors to become certified in British Columbia, and were on the forefront of helping to implement the rebate program for existing homes in the early 2000s. Long before the BC Energy Step Code ever existed, Einar and Troy’s combined expertise and enthusiasm created a unique opportunity to help show homeowners and builders how to benefit from more efficient and sustainable design.

In early 2021, Troy made the decision to move on and explore new challenges, and Einar became the sole owner of E3. Looking into the future, Einar is excited that E3 has grown into a well-respected team of consultants who are exponentially enhancing the meaningful services that E3 can provide, as the industry continues to show promise to make strides in sustainability and building better buildings better!



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Client Service & Relationships

We strive to understand our Clients’ challenges and find appropriate solutions. We want to know how you work, so that we can serve you better. One of our key strengths is our understanding of the building process and how all its systems interconnect. Our technical knowledge of mechanical systems, our skill at energy modeling optimization, and our expertise in navigating complicated municipal and provincial building codes and processes enable us to envision your building in its entirety. Our expert knowledge ultimately results in our clients saving time and money during the design and build process.

Expert Testers & Energy Advisors

E3 Eco Group is a company of Energy Advisors and consultants who seek to offer practical solutions to our Clients. We have been considered industry leaders since 2007, specializing in the energy performance of Part 9 buildings and more recently Part 3 buildings.  With over 50 years collective experience in the building industry, we work with developers, builders, architects and homeowners on projects ranging from single-family to high-rise residential developments. We have six active Energy Advisors on staff, who have a shared pool of knowledge from a range of diverse backgrounds including architecture, mechanical engineering, academic research, and project management.

Integrated Design Process

E3 Eco Group firmly believes in the Integrated Design Process (IDP), as are critical component of the success of a high performance (sustainable) building project. IDP brings together the client and design teams, early in the planning process, to contribute to the development of all aspects of the building design. It gives an opportunity to set performance objectives, develop strategies, articulate sustainability for the project, and develop a process to collaboratively achieve optimal results.