Net Zero

A NetZero Labelled home produces as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis. This means the home is equipped with renewable energy systems to offset the energy it needs to consume to operate. These homes are not only energy efficient, but also environmentally responsible, as they inherently produce less green house gas emissions. NetZero homes are also extremely comfortable to live in: they are quieter, have exceptional indoor air quality, and maintain a consistent indoor temperature. Once a NetZero homes is built, the cost to operate is low for the homeowner as these homes on average are at least 80% more efficient than a home built to code minimum.

E3 believes in an envelope first approach when designing a NetZero Home. We would love to be part of your consultant team using an integrated design process in order to make sure your home meets NetZero in an affordable and buildable manner. We would love the opportunity to work with any passionate home builders who want to get ahead of the Step Code and start building NetZero now. If you are already a high performance builder looking to get ahead of the curve, working with E3 and the NetZero Labeling Program is the path for you.

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