Large Building Air Leakage Testing

We have a full team of Project Managers and Site Testers who can perform whole building air tightness tests, supported by Retrotec’s training, equipment, and software. E3 maintains one of the largest inventories of equipment for airtightness testing in BC.

Large Building tests are conducted to meet these targets:

  • BC Provincial Step Code
  • Vancouver Building Bylaw
  • BC Housing projects
  • Passive House
  • Energy Study of an existing building

We test these types of buildings:

  • Stacked townhouse buildings
  • Apartment buildings
  • High-rise towers
  • Commercial and institutional buildings
  • Existing buildings, as well as new buildings

We perform testing using this equipment:

  • 26 blower fans – we can move up to 140,400 CFM of air
  • Infrared camera
  • 2 large fog machines and smaller fog machines

In addition to the Whole Building Final Test, we also provide these services:

  • Mid-construction testing of part of the building
  • On-site visual checks of air barrier installation practices
  • Review of air barrier drawing details
  • On-site trades training

We don’t just test buildings; we help our Clients meet their airtightness targets.