LEED for Homes and Midrise

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a worldwide green building rating system that promotes sustainability initiatives in the construction sector. Given that the building sector alone is responsible for 36% of global energy use and 39% of energy-related CO2 emissions, it is apparent that the industry needs to adopt new mechanisms and strategies to reduce its impact on the environment. As such, LEED offers an innovative and practical solution for the industry to fight the ever-growing challenge of energy use and climate change.

The benefits of LEED Certified projects are substantial for homeowners, cities, developers, and communities. The certification adds social and economic value to Homes and Mid-rise projects by providing the framework and capabilities for the creation of spaces with higher indoor environmental quality, lower pollution, lower energy and water consumption and less use of toxic materials, to name a few.

E3 believes in the positive impact of green building. As a LEED for Homes Provider, we provide the professional expertise to verify and certify projects. We would love to be part of your consultant team and share our knowledge and expertise of the various LEED practices and requirements for both Homes and Mid-rise projects. We hold experience in certifying projects all over the Lower Mainland and Canada, with an in-house Green Rater and a Quality Assurance Designed to oversee the verification process.

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LEED: the international mark of excellence