EnerGuide for New Homes

The EnerGuide Rating System is a Nationally recognized home evaluation program. It rates the home based on energy consumption in Gigajoules (GJ) per year. Energy Advisors are trained and registered to complete an EnerGuide Certification using HOT2000 energy modeling and blower door airtightness testing of the completed home. The result is an EnerGuide Label showing the energy consumption of the home, and also offers additional information such as comparison energy use to a code minimum home, green house gas emissions, and energy consumption per utility and per house component. The EnerGuide Label stays with the home for its lifetime.

The benefit of this home labeling program is to help educate homeowners or homebuyers on their future home energy use. If you are a builder already building high performance homes or are building to a BC Energy Step Code level, this labeling program is the tool you can use to show your homeowner how energy efficient their home is. With all the time and effort invested into building a high performance home, this is an excellent tool to communicate and show the results of your hard work.