Air Leakage Testing of Buildings

The BC Provincial Step Code, BC Housing, Vancouver’s Building Bylaw, and Passive House all require airtightness testing. Specific targets must be met. E3 has conducted airtightness testing since 2007, and our Principals began blower fan testing back in 2002.

We perform airtightness testing on the following buildings:

  • single family houses
  • rowhouse units
  • apartment buildings
  • condominium towers
  • commercial buildings

Testing can be performed on the whole building, or on a portion of the building. We perform testing at the end of construction for Code compliance, and also during construction to help our Clients assess the performance of their air barrier systems.

We perform Air Tightness Testing for the following programs:

  • BC Energy Step Code
  • Vancouver Building By-law (VBBL)
  • Mid-Construction air tightness testing, as required by municipalities
  • LEED
  • Net Zero Energy
  • Diagnostic Testing on existing and new buildings
  • Passive House
  • and more… ask us how we can help you!

Our testing staff and supply of blower fans are supported by Retrotec’s software and training. Each one of our testing staff have successfully completed the Large Building Airtightness Training program through Retrotec.

E3 maintains one of the largest inventories of equipment for airtightness testing in BC.

We also help educate and consult on air barrier systems and construction details. We regularly work with our Clients to help them understand the requirements and testing process so they can meet their airtightness targets.