BUILT GREEN® is a Canadian based rating program that promotes sustainable practices beyond energy efficiency. Built Green Canada is a company built by builders, for builders offering an affordable program that approaches sustainability holistically. BUILT GREEN® uses a Checklist based system to earn points in seven categories: Energy & Envelope, Materials & Methods, Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation, Waste Management, Water Conservation, and Business Practice. Depending on your home’s EnerGuide Rating and total number of Checklist points you can earn a Built Green Rating ranging from Bronze to Platinum.

The benefits of a BUILT GREEN® Label is product differentiation. BUILT GREEN® can be a tool to set a new build apart from the competition. Every year, The Canadian Home Builders Associations Annual Homebuyer Preference Survey shows home buyers rate the importance of Indoor Air Quality as one of the top 10 desired features of a home. Additionally, the BUILT GREEN® Labeling Program can inform homeowners or homebuyers of the ‘Green’ features that have been implemented, informing them how the home is healthier and more environmentally responsible than average. If you are a builder already purchasing products that are more environmentally responsible this Labeling Program could be a great tool to help set your company apart. If you are a builder who is interested in marketing ‘Green Homes’ E3 can help show you how the power of product purchasing and business practices can bring your company to the next level.

To learn more about BUILT GREEN® visit their website: www.builtgreencanada.ca