Commissioning (Cx)

Building commissioning (Cx) is a professional practice that facilitates the planning, design, construction, installation and testing verification, documentation, and operation of facilities and systems to conform to the Owner’s Project Requirements.

Our expertise extends to providing commissioning services on multi-level residential buildings, condominium towers and commercial spaces.

E3 can provide commissioning services and support to assist your team on any of the following processes:

• Review the OPR, BOD, and project design.

• Develop and implement a Cx plan.

• Confirm incorporation of Cx requirements into the construction documents.

• Develop construction checklists.

• Develop a system test procedure.

• Verify system test execution.

• Maintain an issues and benefits log throughout the Cx process.

• Prepare a final Cx process report.

• Document all findings and recommendations and report directly to the owner throughout the process.

E3 brings experience on providing commissioning services for over 5 years and has maintained a high level of aptitude in delivering a range of commissioning.

These include:

• LEED Fundamental Commissioning

• LEED Enhanced Commissioning

• New Building Commissioning

• City of Vancouver Rezoning, Low Emission Green Building requirement for Enhanced Commissioning

As commissioning is becoming more integrated and required through regulation, our team is here to assist you in navigating the commissioning process and delivering a valuable level of verification to your build.