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Mona Kmoradi

M.A., Energy Advisor
Project Manager

Mona is an energy advisor with a passion for sustainability and its impact on the built environment. Hailing from Iran, she pursued her studies in architecture, acquiring a well-rounded skill set from design and presentation to project management. Throughout her academic journey, Mona developed a keen interest in sustainable construction and the role buildings play in shaping a greener future.

From Tehran to Vancouver, Mona’s journey has been one of continuous exploration and discovery, fueled by her unwavering curiosity for aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible structures. With over three years of professional experience in sustainable construction and architecture consulting, Mona has become a respected expert in her field. She has successfully implemented numerous projects that prioritize eco-friendly design principles, optimizing energy efficiency, waste reduction, and environmental impact. As a project manager at E3, her focus is on EnerGuide Rating System and BC Energy Step Code for Part 9 buildings.

With a deep appreciation for the wonders of the natural world, she embraces the dual passions of capturing its beauty through landscape photography and the joy of adventure.